How the Transformers fandom continues to disappoint me…

We get a female character in the form of Ripclaw who has a body frame that doesn’t scream “Look how female I am!”, doesn’t try to be girly or pretty, and instead is a bad-ass in heavy armor and a monstrous face sculpt.

So what does the fandom do? …Immediately draws fan-art of her with anime balloon tits popping free of her chest armor, comically wide hips, and striking centerfold poses.

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    Actually, people do that with almost every female characters in every fandom…. not just the transformers fandom. Now...
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    Welp, that’s the fandom for you. I’m really disappointed of it too…
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    I guess the point is women who work out like big asskicking wrecker types typically lose the traditional “buxom babe”...
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    Heh, you phrase it like this is a normal thing for the fandom to do. Seems like that one guy just likes drawing that...
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    Pure truth.
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