Wolverine #73 (2009), written by Jason Aaron, art by Adam Kubert, Mark Farmer, and Justin Ponsor

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What better way to celebrate Halloween then a 31 day ART CHALLENGE?

RULES: Art submissions can be most anything (stories, drawings, crafts, etc) as long as they pertain to one of the days words. See how creatively you can incorporate the words for each day!

Feel free to submit your writing/art to the Challenge’s main blog, spoopyartchallenge. It’s a great way to meet other artists and give your creations some exposure! Signal boosts always help!!

This will actually be a good prompt to help me to get back on my game with my sketching, so let’s do this thing.

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I just re-watched Blade Runner the other day and remembered that, much like me, it was one of the best things to come out of the year 1982.


Flying Peacock Spider (Maratus volans)

(O. Pickard-Cambridge 1874)  

The ‘Flying Peacock Spider’, like all other Maratus spp., does not fly. The ‘wings’ are for courtship display. This Maratus is widespread throughout Australia, abundant on the coast of New South Wales at Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park near Sydney, Seal Rocks on the coast about 80 km NE of Newcastle, and Coolah Tops an inland site about 200 km NW of Newcastle.

This one was collected by Martin Stevens at Crows Nest near Toowoomba.

(photo/text: Robert Whyte)

(via icitale)

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