My shift last night in the ER was fairly uneventful up until the last hour, and now that I’m home and have thrown my blood-soaked scrubs in the wash, I am more sure than ever that people are the absolute worst and we don’t deserve this world.

15 minutes before I’m due to leave for the day, I hear “ER Technician to the side door with a gurney, STAT.” over the intercom. An adult male pit-bull is rolled in, covered in blood and non-responsive, with one of my coworkers applying pressure to a deep stab wound in its chest.

Everyone hauls ass, they rush to place an IV catheter while I run and grab a unit of whole blood to do an emergency transfusion and replace his substantial losses. His wound is severe, but we can’t even begin to think about surgical repair until he’s stabilized.. and nobody knows if he’s going to even make it.

A 16 year old boy was being assaulted by an adult family member, the dog rushed to the boy’s aid and the adult stabbed the dog in the chest with a butcher knife. The family is traumatized, the police are involved, and a good dog may die for protecting his boy. What is wrong with humans?


can’t spend too much time on this one.

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the Nightmare Garden for the Book of the Wyrm (Onyx Path). 

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Don’t fight this feeling.

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