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 MTMTE #33 - Brainstorm

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Henrik Karppinen - Cyberpunk City

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#tbt Throwback Thursday back when I totally made a closet cosplay of tifa Lockhart! #rule63 #cosplay #shinrajunkie #finalfantasy #tifalockhart shot by the lovely #zanarkandbabes

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I should be using my day off to actually accomplish things and be a responsible adult, but these video games aren’t going to just play themselves.


Garry ‘N Leedge from masso fect, In honor of Rachel!

Those adorable shorts on garrus were conceived by foxypaws.

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Imagine a cross between a duck and a crocodile, but big. REALLY big. Like, bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex. 

The newly-discovered details about Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the first semiaquatic dinosaur, are fascinating. And a little scary.

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