Thousands march on CNN to denounce its Ferguson coverage

By Dianne Mathiowetz 

Atlanta — The crowd had been organized by college and high school students. Estimated by the Atlanta police at 5,000, they gathered at CNN on Aug. 18 to denounce its scurrilous news coverage of the killing of Mike Brown by a Ferguson cop — with sensationalized images of “violent” protesters in the face of heavily militarized police forces and repeated character assassination of the dead youth.

The marchers filled Marietta Street, chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” as traffic was forced to stop. Many drivers and their passengers echoed the chant, thrusting their hands out the windows.

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here’s my guardians of the galaxy piece finished! haven’t had a lot of free time as of late, so this one took a while.

i drew them in their movie attire because zoe and chris pratt are complete badasses in the flick! hope you guys like it!

-edwin huang

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My weekend is about over, and I did as close to nothing as possible for three days because I’m a lazy piece of shit and I’m broke as hell anyway.

My biggest accomplishment was spending Friday night home alone and proving that any pizza can be a personal pizza, if you just believe in yourself, while I watched Project Runway. I am a winner.


RiD #31

Jazz, swimming with sharks and asking the important questions.

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Except people who believe in Narnia are harmless.

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