Omfg she called her Captain.

Windblade is fucking awesome and you need to buy it. Buy 10 copies of it. Fill your room with it and swim around in its beautifully written and drawn pages like Scrooge McDuck in his vault.  I fucking love this comic book, is what I’m trying to say.

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|A`) 隠したいだろうな~(マテ)

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This is literally the best.


This comic is so good you guys, Seriously.  And I love the art style so much.

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Chromia is 2000% done with Starscream and it’s only the fifth page :U

Oh my Primus I wants it now.

I need it.

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"Those eyes that scream lust, turning hearts into dust"

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TLDR: Me complaining about Michael Bay but admitting a fire breathing robot dinosaur is cool as hell, regardless.  Skip the rest of this if you don’t want to hear it.

Things I know for certain; Michael Bay is terrible, doesn’t give a shit about Transformers (except for the money they make him), and will destroy any resemblance Grimlock’s character, or any other character, has to any of the source material.  This movie will likely have a shoe-string plot centered around a pointless human love story and lots of explosions… and oh yeah robots occasionally, but not very often. Look at the first 3 movies if you need any evidence.

That said, I’m still going to see it because I have no self respect and there will be giant robot dinosaurs breathing fire… I’ll just have to turn my brain off and brace for disappointment yet again.

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I want to change my tumblr URL but everything I try is taken, and I’m not nearly as witty or clever as I thought I was; an autobiography.


Transformation by jonathanvair

Have I mentioned lately how much I fucking love werewolves and wish they got movies as cool as zombies and vampires do? Because I mother fucking love werewolves.

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